About Me

I have been delivering results in software organisations for more than 2 decades, in many capacities including (in no particular order) COO, CIO, CTO, Head of Product, Product Manager, Product Owner, Software Pre-Sales Consultant, Developer, Tester, Integration Adviser, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Consulting Director.

A quick look at recent Standish CHAOS reports into software project success rates tells us that product management is broken. About 70% of software projects fail. Of these failures, the majority (60%) fail from product management issues.

My goal is to expose and understand the problems with software product management and to offer practical solutions.

Modern organisations were structured for physical “bricks & mortar” products, not software. Product management in industries such as retail and manufacturing are well understood and effective. Software products, on the other hand, are qualitatively different and therefore call for a different approach.

Traditional product management techniques – when applied to software products – lead to the failures we see around us today. Impacts are felt across the organisation, not just in product development and engineering teams.

To help start making sense of effective product practices, we’ll dive into the details and build a toolkit of resources to help you succeed where others may have failed.

Let the journey begin.

This is me, pointing out something or other to the “selfie-cam”.


Oh, one more thing.

I am fiercely independent. I don’t take sponsorship from anyone and there are no advertisements on this website. All my claims and assertions – for better or worse – are my own. I represent my own ideas and noone else’s.

I will endeavour to credit others if I reuse or quote their work in my own and if I forget to do this, it is an inadvertent mistake on my part that I will correct as quickly as I can.

That’s all for now.

Happy reading!